With a global network that covers 90% of world trade routes, HSBC is well positioned to support your business wherever you are or as you move into new markets. We have around 3,800 offices in 66 countries and territories worldwide, covering the major trade corridors across the globe.

Our extensive network means that we have people on the ground who understand local markets and can provide practical advice to help you take advantage of business opportunities across the globe. Our global connectivity also means that wherever your business is operating, you can manage your finances using our universal banking platforms.

Relationships are at the core of our business and we look at them holistically. If you’re a customer of HSBC in another country for example, you will receive the same level of consistency and service in Turkey.

HSBC Turkey, operating in Turkey since 1990, is recognised as a leading international bank in Turkey with a strong value proposition for corporates, financial institutions, public sector and premium retail clients. In 2016, HSBC Turkey restructured its business in order to reduce Mass portfolios and focus on corporate and premium retail customers through a more efficient branch network, currently through 82 branches across 15 cities*. Our key business areas include Global Banking & Markets, Commercial Banking, Retail Banking & Wealth Management, Global Trade & Receivables Finance, Global Liquidity & Cash Management, Structured Finance, Advisory and ECM services.

Our leading position in key markets, our ability to connect developed and faster-growing markets as well as our wealth of international know-how to support growing businesses places us favourably to strengthen our position in Turkey.

Our vision is to be the bank of choice for those international companies that are willing to trade with, or invest in Turkey by making banking in Turkey as easy as banking back in their home countries. To make this possible, in 2012 we established an International Banking Team formed by a group of highly qualified relationship managers with international working experience, strong foreign language skills, experienced at handling subsidiary requirements from start up through large corporates and focused on managing foreign companies entering the Turkish market.

Looking ahead, Turkey’s global connectivity will allow the economy to benefit from fast growing trade links with emerging markets and established links with developed markets.

HSBC will continue to support Turkey as it seeks to capitalise on new opportunities in line with the commitment from HSBC to become the country’s leading international bank supporting all those who wish to grow with Turkey.

*The number of branches are as reported at the Banks Association of Turkey website as of 3 January 2019.

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